Promoting “Made in Armenia”! Boycotting “Made in Turkey”!

In recent years, more and more products from Armenia have become available to consumers.  These products include fine wines, cognacs, chocolates, preserves, pickles… and the list goes on!  Considering the fact that Armenia is a land locked country, prices for these items are competative.  So, the question is… “why NOT purchase the Armenian product?” 

At, not only will we be promoting products made in Armenia and making them available to consumers worldwide, we also boldly state that unlike others, we will NOT be selling any products made in Turkey…. Sure, we understand that some consumers purchase Turkish products regularly, however we put our ideals and morals above profit. 

Our logic is simple…. 

  • Turkey spends millions of dollars every year waging an international propaganda and misinformation campaign designed to invalidate the Armenian Genocide.
  • A percentage of the money for these projects is derived from taxes collected from businesses in Turkey that export large amounts of goods to the United States.
  • Therefore, consumers of Turkish products, directly contribute to the Republic of Turkey’s efforts to deny the Armenian Genocide and rewrite history.

 “When California is a stone’s throw away, why cross an ocean and the biggest sea to buy from people who not only tried to annihilate us but also deny doing so, have blockaded our homeland, and threaten Armenia/Artsakh in case Azerbaijan attacks our brothers and sisters?”.

We agree.