New Products! – Nuits Fruit & Nut Snacks

We have teamed up with “Hye Snacks, Inc” to be the first retailer to bring you NUITS – Fruit and Nut Snacks in 3 original flavors– Apple & Walnut, Cranberry & Walnut, Pomegranate & Walnut!

Buy them in a pack of 3 for the special price of $13.99, or try each flavor seperately for $4.99 each!  Exclusively at!

These snacks are similar to the Armenian Sweet Soujoukh, and are made in California with all natural ingredients.  There are no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.

The “Nuits” Story – A chewy crunch that packs a delicious punch!

In 2010, four friends came together with the goal of creating the ultimate food cliche:  a snack that tastes great and won’t leave you feeling guilty.  Son of a gun, we actually did it! After locking ourselves in the kitchen, we emerged having created Nuits [pronounced Noots].   Nuits is a modern take on a centuries old fruit snack born in the Mediterranean.  An all natural fruit and walnut popper that tastes delicious, really is good for you, and steers clear of weird preservatives and artificial sweeteners.  We only use natural and fresh ingredients, because that’s what we like to eat.  Go ahead, crack a bag and we guarantee you’ll go nuts for Nuits!