Start fundraising TODAY!

Schools are about to start (if they haven’t already)!  We all know every school or organization is always fundraising … whether it be by selling chocolate, raffles, gift wrapping paper, or even just by having Bake Sales!  Most schools’ Parents’ Support Committees also sell scrips.  What are scrips?  Scrips are gift cards which you can purchase from any school/organization who has signed up with that particular store… each time you buy a scrip and use it to purchase items from that store, you are helping your school/org get “cashback” on your purchases.

When I started, I wanted to also help support the local schools and organizations.  I decided to offer scrips to anyone willing to sign up and sell them…. you don’t need a non-profit status to do so.  I will give up to 5% cashback on all scrip sales!  

So why not buy your groceries online at and:

a) SAVE your time at a market going up and down aisles, loading and unloading your car.

b) SAVE your gas.

c) SAVE yourself the hassle of searching for parking at busy Armenian markets.

d) SAVE money by not purchasing items you don’t really need.

e) HELP your school/organization earn money, just by purchasing your regular Armenian groceries – which you buy ANYWAY!

Scrips will be available soon… so ask your school/organization to sign up TODAY by calling 855-881-2244 or emailing