Working moms love their groceries delivered!

Here are 2 working professional moms who have recently ordered their groceries online at…. 

Kristina Movsessian – “To tell you the truth…I was telling my husband how simple it was! I didn’t have to place a kid in the car seat. Take him out. Walk through an Armenian grocery store (by the way the one near my house doesn’t have shopping carts). Carrying my child while shopping. When my hand gets numb I place him down only to find him biting through a fruit or throwing fruits around! Finally manage to pay. Put my kid back in the car seat. Place bags in the car. Drive home. Then begin the uploading process! Time spent shopping at the grocery store 45 minutes!! Time spent ordering online/being delivered PRICELESS!!!!”

Nora Chitilian Keleshian – “Had a great experience putting my first order in. Looking forward to receive my good quality groceries later today :))) Good luck to you!” – and later,  “My groceries arrived. I am very pleased. Highly recommend it.”

Delivering Nora’s groceries – photo credit Nora Keleshian

Thanks Nora and Kristina!